Wines at Hawk's Mill Winehaus

We have a variety of wines available from dry to sweet, including reds, whites and fruit wines. While our exact list changes from time to time, here is a list of wines that may be available during your visit.

Doodle White – a dry white Chardonnay very lightly oaked
Marquette – a dry red wine made from Marquette grapes
Jorny’s End – a semi-dry red wine made from Syrah and Foch grapes
Red Tail – a light bodied red wine blend with a hint of raspberry
Classic American – a light bodied concord and red wine blend
The Geezer – a semi-dry white made from Geisenheim grapes
Wisconsin Pride –a blend of Concord & Cranberry 

Rhubarb – a sweet wine made from locally grown Rhubarb 
Booty Bop – a sweet white wine with Moscato grapes
Summer Wine – a sweet wine made with cherries.
Currantly Single – a sweet wine made with black currant and pear
Peachy Keen – a sweet wine made with red peach juice
Plum Crazy – a sweet wine made with plum and pear juice
Apple-Blueberry – a sweet wine made with apple and blueberry juice

Wisconsin Winery in Browntown, WI

500 First Street
New Glarus, WI 53574

Friday & Saturday 


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